Tobbe's dream has long been to have a restaurant at Sjörup Prästgård.


Alex was born into the restaurant business. Alex's mother Krystyna and father Vincenzo were among the first in Ystad to sell pizza.

Tobbe and Alex have known each other through their families for a long time and have in recent years worked together, as Alex has produced the music for Tobbes and his horses' large arena performances around the world.

From there, the idea was born to find a restaurant concept.

Tobbe called his friend Carolina Gynning and it ended up that she sponsored the restaurant with over 150 of her stylish wine glasses!

- I could never dream that it would be such a success. I told Alex that if there are three guests, who are me, a neighbor and a poor man who got lost, we should be happy. I was quickly convinced. I am very proud of our collaboration and our unique combination that has led to success.

And this is just the beginning.

Says Tobbe

- Our combination is really unique. We both have many ideas and together we make them happen.

Says Alex

- Could really have been the tastiest pizza we have eaten. We ALL stated that.

I designate "15 Minutes A Quarter" as a star restaurant.

Magdalena Graaf writes in her blog

In 2019, friends Alex and Solly ran 15 Minutes A Quarter.

In the year 2020, Alex has taken over the restaurant himself and added even more of his own niche.

Alex business concept is to be able to offer a pizza with high quality and with as fresh locally produced goods as possible. At the same time be able to offer everyone something unique.

We therefore have a large selection of both meat, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free food / pizza. Our game meat is fallow deer from Sweden.


We started contacting entrepreneurs around the area early. We wanted to create a collaboration with local producers. We think that the countryside should live and therefore we must stick together!

We are well aware of allergies such as gluten and lactose.

- I think that pizza is an art, where only your imagination sets limits. I want to be able to offer a pizza with locally produced ingredients and of course it must have the absolute highest quality. At the same time, we want to give you a fantastic overall experience with us at Sjörup Prästgård.

Says Alex

Welcome to enjoy our rustic rustic dining room or sit out on our large wooden deck with beautiful views of rolling countryside and horses in the pasture!

We have also expanded our parking with 1000m2.


Warmly welcome wishes


Tobbe & Alex